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Jeong, Hyunyong

  • Abuse 2015 acrylic on canvas 135x270cm.jpg

    Abuse, Acrylic on canvas, 135x270cm, 2015

    Detroit 2014 acrylic on canvas 117x91cm.jpg

    Detroit, acrylic on canvas, 117x91cm, 2014

    Hunter 2015 21X120cm printed on canvas, wood.jpg

    Hunter, printed on canvas, 21x120cm, 2015

    Mountin 2016 acrylic on canvas 80x60cm.jpg

    Mountain, acrylic on canvas, 80x60cm, 2016

    My doll 2016 oil on canvas 117x91cm.jpg

    My doll, oil on canvas, 117x91cm, 2016

    Originator 2013 acrylic on canvas 146x112cm.jpg

    Originator, acrylic on canvas, 146x112cm,2013

    Pablo 2014 acrylic on canvas 194x130cm.jpg

    Pablo, Acrylic on canvas, 194x130cm, 2014

    각각의 찰나 2014 acrylic on canvas 162x130cm.jpg

    Each moment, acrylic on canvas, 162x130cm, 2014

    다른신에게 절하다 2014 acrylic on canvas 117x91cm.jpg

    Bow to other Gods, acrylic on canvas, 117x91cm, 2014

  • Education
    2008 M.F.A in Department of Painting, Hong-ik Univ., Seoul, South Korea
    2006 B.F.A in Department of Painting, Hong-ik Univ., Seoul, South Korea
    Solo exhibition
    2018 <And that’s left> Exhibition Space, Seoul, Korea
    2016 Storage of records Gallery meme, Seoul
    2016 Ujeongguk x JeongHyunyong, Ujeongguk, Seoul
    2014 Sketch of the Moment, Gallery Mark, Seoul
    2010 Beyond the Purple sea, Gallery k.ark, Seoul
    Selected Group exhibition
    2018 <Unhidden> ㅣ'espace71, Seoul, Korea
    2018 < Between you and me> Shinhan Bank Gallery, Seoul , Korea
    2017 <Art Gwang-ju> Kim-dae-jung President Convention Center, Korea
    2017 <2017 Emerging Artist > Kyeom Jae Jeongsaeon Museum, Seoul, Korea 2016 < Dreaming of the day>, NHN, Gyeonggi-do
    2015 <Onewwall-mayfest> Space-onewwall, Seoul
    2015 <Affordable Seoul×Samsonite> DDP, Seoul
    2012 <72-1>, Hong-ik University Elementary School
    2011 <White charity>, Gallery Mark, Seoul
    2011 <3Round>, Gallery White birch, Seoul
    2010 <Today is Korea art>, Rotterdam Convention center, Netherlands
    2009 <High North Alliance>,Gallery White birch, Seoul
    2008 <The 30th anniversary>,Gallery khan-hoon, Seoul
    2008 < INSA Art Festival>, Gallery Dongsanbang, Seoul
    2008 <Open Studio 4>, The National Art Studio, Goyang
    2008 <Intro >The National Art Studio, Goyang
    2007 <Diversity in Form Thought> Dolan museum of Modern art, shanghai, China
    2007 < Satisfaction by proxy>Gallery Kepco, Seoul
    2006 Energy - gallery Kyung-hang, Seoul
    2006 TUBE - Modern Museum of Hong-ik University
    2006 Seisu - Korea& Japan contemporary Art Exhibition, Japan
    2006 Diversity in Form Thought - Art gallery of imperial city, Beijing, China
    2018 EMERGING ARTIST PRIZE (IBK Industrial Bank, Seoul, Korea)
    2017 EMERGING ARTIST PRIZE (Kyeom Jae Jeongsaeon Museum, Seoul, Korea)
    2016 ETRO ART PRIZE (ETRO, Seoul, Korea )
    2007 Golden artist color prize, Seoul
    2005 Hong-ik people prize, Seoul
    2018 ELAND Culture Park, Korea
    2015 Ujeongguk, Seoul
    2013 Hong-ik University Elementary School, Seoul
    2007-2008 The National Art Studio, Goyang

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